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2016 Florida Export Guide



griculture is the second

largest industry in

Florida — behind

tourism.The Florida

Department of Agriculture and

Consumer Services supports Flori-

da’s $120 billion agriculture industry

and its two million jobs.

Florida farms produce nearly 300 different

commodities, and Florida leads the nation in production of

oranges, grapefruit and watermelons, along with snap beans,

tomatoes, squash and sugar cane.

From the Panhandle to the Keys, Florida harvests prod-

ucts throughout the year.The state has even earned the

reputation as the nation’s “winter salad bowl” for producing

the majority of the country’s domestically grown produce

during the colder months.

Florida’s prolific agricultural production is not only valued

by American consumers, but also by consumers in the 159 na-

tions and territories where Florida products are routinely ex-

ported.The state exports more than $4.1 billion of agricultural

products per year, making Florida an agricultural powerhouse

in the global marketplace.

The Department of Agriculture is helping to foster growth

in the agriculture industry.Through the “Fresh From Florida”

program, the department is capitalizing on the locally grown

movement in the United States and introducing Florida

products to new markets abroad.The department also has

established partnerships with 65 retail chains that distribute

Florida products to more than 12,000 stores worldwide —

a historic high.

More information about Agriculture exporting from Florida is

available online at:

Florida Agricultural Exports Flourish

in the Global Marketplace

Florida agricultural ex-

ports total more than $4.1

billion annually. Exports

support 109,000 jobs and

generate $319 million in

annual tax revenue, and an

overall economic impact of

more than $13 billion

a year.

Florida ranked 8th in

the nation in 2014 agricul-

tural exports. Overall, Florida

products were exported to

159 countries and territories

Top 10 Export Markets

1. Canada

2. Bahamas

3. Netherlands

4. Dominican Republic

5. Mexico

6. Colombia

7. Panama

8. Netherlands-Antilles

9. Trinidad & Tobago

10. Leeward-Windward


Florida Deptment

of Agriculture and

Consumer Services

The Florida Department

of Agriculture and Consum-

er Services has a dedicated

international trade staff to

help exporters. Portal

The federal government’s portal provides

market research and trade

events and leads for U.S.

agribusiness companies. agribusiness

Foreign Agricultural


The Foreign Agricultural

Service (FAS), part of the

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture,

is the agency responsible

for assisting agricultural

export efforts. FAS provides

a variety of services that can

help any exporter, includ-

ing reports categorized by

topics, commodities and


Southern U.S.

Trade Association

The Southern U.S. Trade

Association (SUSTA) is a

region-wide grouping

of state departments of

agriculture. SUSTA offers

export promotion ser-

vices to help southern U.S.

agricultural exporters such

as educational seminars on

export opportunities and

procedures, export data,

market research and other

resources. They are also an

intermediate administrator

for the Market Access Pro-

gram (MAP), which provides

matching funds for export

marketing expenditures

for eligible products and


Florida Agricultural Exports:

$13 Billion Economic Impact

Resources for Florida

Agricultural Exporters