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2016 Florida Export Guide


ear Florida Business Owner:

Florida is a major force in

international trade and job

creation, thanks to our location

as America’s gateway to Central and South

America and our robust transportation


We want Florida to be first in job cre-

ation, and our pro-business, low-tax policies

are helping Florida be the top place for jobs. As a result,

Florida’s hard-working businesses have created more than one

million jobs in just five years. More than 61,000 Florida com-

panies export their goods and services overseas, contributing

to nearly $54 billion in exports in 2015, and ranking Florida

as the sixth largest export state in the nation.

Florida is already a leader in trade with Latin America, the

Caribbean, and South America, but we are not limited to the

Western Hemisphere. Led by Enterprise Florida, a network

of international trade and economic development partners

is helping businesses throughout the state find new markets


Ongoing investment in Florida’s trade infrastructure also

is creating new opportunities with trading partners and

attracting new export-ready enter-

prises to the state. In addition to

Florida’s 15 deepwater seaports,

the Sunshine State is home to 19

airports with commercial service.

This includes Miami International

Airport, the nation’s top hub for inter-

national air cargo. Our state also is served by

2,700 miles of rail lines and 12,000 miles of state highways.

International business is a vital component of our economy

here in Florida and is responsible for supporting over two

million jobs. I’m delighted to see that Enterprise Florida has

spearheaded the development of the Florida Export Guide,

which is available in print and online.The guide will be a

valuable resource for both new exporters and for companies

looking to expand into new markets.


Rick Scott


Gulf Power’s Florida First Sites program

adds certified industrial sites to Northwest

Florida’s portfolio of competitive advantages.

McCallum Sweeney Consulting provides

an objective analysis which accelerates

speed to market and gives companies the

confidence to make Northwest Florida their

prime choice for future growth.





For more information, contact

Rick Byars, Gulf Power

Community and Economic

Development Manager,

at 850.444.6750 or

Governor Rick Scott

2016: Making Florida First for Jobs