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2016 Florida Export Guide



ccording to the U.S.

International Trade


95 percent of the

world’s consumers live outside

the United States.With today’s

advances in communication,

travel, and technology, the Florida SBDC (FSBDC) can access

information and markets to connect your company to oppor-

tunities worldwide.

Exporting Assistance

The FSBDC Network is a leading source of export assis-

tance for small businesses throughout the state. Celebrating its

40th anniversary in 2016, the FSBDC employs professionally

certified business consultants who provide tens of thousands of

businesses with expertise and guidance each year.

Through the network’s International Trade Service program,

businesses that are new-to-export or looking to grow through

exports receive training and consulting that exposes them to

profitable management practices and international marketing

techniques.Working in partnership with Enterprise Florida

and the U.S. Commercial Service, international trade special-

ists at the FSBDC prepare Export Marketing Plans (EMPs)

for qualifying Florida-based manufacturers and service

providers. Specialists spend approximately 100 hours on each

EMP, creating a customized report with target market recom-

mendations, overseas trade opportunities, and an action plan

for market entry.

Endoscopy Replacement Parts and Santa Monica Florida are

two examples of the more than 61,000 exporters in the state.

Since receiving their EMP, Florida manufacturer Endoscopy

Replacement Parts Inc. targeted its international expansion to

countries in Southeast Asia. As a result of the company’s export

success, they were named the National Exporter of the Year by

the U.S. Small Business Administration in 2016.

Another SBDC success story is Santa Monica Florida,

a Pasco County-based producer of organic honey. As a

result of an EMP, the company discovered South Korea and

Canada to be high priority target markets.

While exporting takes a considerable amount of trade plan-

ning and commitment, it can be very profitable. Businesses

that export grow 15 percent faster than non-exporters, and

generally pay 15 percent higher wages.


The cost for the EMP is $4,000. Qualifying businesses are

eligible for a $3,500 grant provided by Enterprise Florida and

the FSBDC Network, in partnership with the U.S. Commer-

cial Service, reducing the company’s actual cost to $500.


Florida-based manufacturers and service providers are

eligible for the EMP


qualify, products must be

made in Florida and contain at least 51 percent U.S. content.

New-to-export or infrequent exporters are preferred. Quali-

fying companies must be in business for a minimum of two

years, have five or more full-time employees, and be finan-

cially ready to export, generally with $500,000 to $10 million

in annual sales.

Foreign Direct Investment

In addition to export assistance, the FSBDC Network also

assists foreign companies looking to operate within the state

of Florida. International trade specialists are available to

discuss the benefits of opening a separate U.S. entity within

the state.They advise business owners on requirements, and

discuss business planning issues such as immigration and

intellectual property protection.

Getting Started

The Florida SBDC Network and its partners have a variety

of resources that can help companies succeed in the global


Michael W. Myhre is CEO of the FSBDC Network. For more

information, please visi


Florida SBDC Network Helps Companies

Find Export Success Worldwide

By Michael W. Myhre

Seated: John Hartnett, vice president of Global Business Development (left), David Peter Bello Sr.,

CEO (center), and David A. Bello Jr., general manager (right), and team of Endoscopy Replacement

Parts — named the 2016 National Exporter of the Year by the U.S. SBA.