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2016 Florida Export Guide



id you know that the U.S.

government has a one-stop

shop to help your export

business? It’s called the

USEAC — U.S. Export Assistance Center.

Located nationwide, USEACs are com-

prised of the three premier federal agencies

that can help you with your export business:

The U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC),

the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Export-

Import Bank of the U.S. (EXIM Bank).

• The DOC can help you

locate new international

markets to sell your prod-

ucts and identify key buyers

in your existing or new

markets.The DOC’s Gold

Key matching service

actually takes you overseas to meet face-to-face with

potential distributors and buyers.

• The SBA offers guarantees to your lender that makes loans

to you for your export-related needs.Their loan guarantees

support purchase order financing as well as the purchase of

fixed assets to manufacture your export products.The SBA’s

Export Express product allows you the flexibility of using

the funds for any export development activity you need.

• EXIM Bank provides you with the financial tools you

need to help you grow your export business while mini-

mizing your risks. Many companies use EXIM Bank’s

Export Credit Insurance policies not only as protection

against buyer non-payment but also as a marketing tool

to extend open account terms to attract new customers

and increase sales to existing ones. Insuring your foreign

receivables also allows you to use them as eligible collateral

with your lender.

EXIM Bank also offers Working Capital Guarantees to your

lender, which provide a loan for your export financing needs.

These may include purchasing a finished U.S. product for ex-

port, the raw materials used in manufacturing your product or

opening a standby Letter of Credit needed as a performance

bond. EXIM Bank provides foreign buyer financing too. Your

sales of capital equipment can be supported with credit insur-

ance allowing you to assign the receivable to a U.S. lender who

will cash you out soon after your product ships.

Did you know that EXIM Bank supports service exports

as well as product exports? If you are a service provider, such

as an accounting firm, an engineering firm, an architectural

firm, or a freight forwarder which invoices your foreign buyers

directly, EXIM can help you.

Contact Sharyn Koenig, Managing Director, eastern region,

for EXIM Bank at o

r by calling

305-526-7436, extension 17.

USEACs: A One-Stop Shop for U.S. Small

Business Exporters

By Sharyn Koenig

“We have expanded our distribution to

over 80 countries, thanks in large part

to EXIMBank’s multi-buyer insurance”

—Luis Arguello Sr., DemeTech Corp.

Sharyn Koenig


emeTech Corp., a

Miami-based ex-

porter of surgical

sutures and blades,

has worked with the EXIM

Bank to help the company

expand into South America,

Asia, the Middle East, and


In particular, DemeTech

has used a multi-buyer

policy from EXIM to help

support its export sales. The

company, which employs

100 people, also uses the

Small Business Administra-

tion’s (SBA) Export Working

Capital Program and trade

matchmaking services from

the U.S. Dept. of Commerce.

“We have expanded our

distribution to over 80

countries, thanks in large

part to EXIM Bank’s multi-

buyer insurance,” says Luis

Arguello, Sr., president of

Demetech. “The ability to

extend credit to buyers has

been a key to our astro-

nomical export growth.”

DemeTech Corp. Leverages

EXIM Bank to Go Global

Luis Arguello Sr., left, with President Barack Obama.