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2016 Florida Export Guide



ort Canaveral is the exclusive U.S. stop for

the Blue Stream service, which sails from

Florida directly to Rotterdam, Netherlands,

with calls in the United Kingdom and

France before re-crossing the Atlantic to the French

West Indies and Central America, and then back to

ort Canaveral.

The January 2016 arrival of container ship M/V

Norderoog at the Canaveral Cargo Terminal, oper-

ated by GT USA, was the first visit of the new Blue

Stream service. Service operator StreamLines N.V. is

a part of the Seatrade Group, which provides month-

ly break-bulk juice service through Port Canaveral.

The Blue Stream service offers one of the fastest

routes from Florida to Europe — just 11 days to Rot-

terdam. It cuts the time to ship goods from Florida

to the United Kingdom nearly in half, taking 12 days

compared to 23 days for the only other direct service

in the market. It also provides quick three-day service

from Central America to Central Florida, a very beneficial

shipping time for the fresh produce and perishables expected

to form a major portion of the imports from this area.

The service operates five ships on rotation, each with

1300 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) capacity, and

250 lower lock reefer plugs.

Serving a Vital Southeast Market

“The new Blue Stream service can showcase Port Canaveral

as an ideal gateway, opening markets in Central America to

Central Florida and providing our local exporters the most effi-

cient route to Europe,” says Peter Richards, CEO of GT USA,

which opened the 20-acre Canaveral Cargo Terminal in June

2015, and has been working actively to attract container

business. “This undoubtedly will build Port Canaveral’s

reputation as a key U.S. cargo port and lead to more

growth in coming months.”

The new trans-Atlantic service is a vital

part of the port’s development plans. “We

chose Port Canaveral for this important

project because of our long and success-

ful history with the port, and because of its

strategic and uncongested location in a criti-

cal market,” adds Howard Posner, general manager

of Seatrade Group.

Seatrade is marketing its new service for a variety of

imported and exported goods.Tropical fruits and plants are

popular imports from Central America and the Caribbean,

while popular exports to Europe include peanuts, corn,

melons and other agricultural products. “Streamlines has a

history and focus on refrigerated cargoes, but we’re happy to

move just about anything,” says Posner.

Imported cargo can travel from Port Canaveral to the Orlando

area in less than two hours, faster than from any other container

terminal in the state.The port also is in close proximity to major

supermarket distribution facilities and major distribution centers

along the Interstate 4 corridor.With its centralized location, Port

Canaveral efficiently serves Florida markets as well markets as far

north as Atlanta.

Supporting Local Business

Port Canaveral is located in a market that is growing at

three times the national average. Moreover, Central Florida

receives more than 62 million visitors annually.

“Making this port a vital cargo hub can lower inland

transportation costs and get products to market faster for

many importers and exporters in our region and

state, and that has a significant economic impact,”

says Alberto Cabrera, senior director of cargo

business development at Port Canaveral.

Florida also is a major importer, bringing more

than $153 billion in foreign goods through its

airports and seaports in 2014. Latin America

and the Caribbean, part of the Blue Stream trade

route, account for more than 60 percent of the state’s total trade.

Moreover, Florida companies exported $81.7 billion in

goods overseas in 2014. Florida is home to more than one in

five American exporters — more than 61,000 companies —

and roughly one out every seven Florida manufacturing jobs

depend on exports.The United Kingdom is a major market

for Florida exports, surpassing $1 billion in 2015.

Port Canaveral: Sole U.S. Stop on One of the

Fastest Routes Available from Florida to Europe